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16 things I learned this 2016

Every minute of every day brings new opportunities to learn something we’ve never know before. β€” Unknown

And this time I will share 16 of my many learnings this year. So keep reading and enjoy. πŸ˜‰


Be independent and learn how to be alone because not everyone will stay and thats a hard reality that we have to accept. 


Take your time and do not rush things because if you’re rushing things the outcome is usually not what we expect and its okay to procastinate and be a sloth all you want but always make sure you have time for what you are really supposed to be doing.


They are our safe haven, our comfort zone and our place of abode in times of inderence and criticism from the harsh reality of our naked world so spend more quality time with these people because they are the ones who will never ever leave you and will accept you no matter who you are. 


Life is about taking risks they say and yes it is. Take risk if you want it go for it you never know how perfect something might turn out. Love what you do and everything will follow.

12. LET GO

Never beg anyone to stay, because if they value you they will never think of leaving you. Let them go.


Certain things will never go back to how it used to be, and thats okay and you just have to accpet that nothing is permanent its either they will last long or last short.


Love them. When they are down be there with them. When they feel like they are alone you just have to tell them that you are going to be with them even tho you dont know the answers for their problems just you being there means a lot because to be there is to be with. 

10. TIME

Give time for everything that is hurting you, because bad times don’t last forever and time has its own way of showing us what really matters. Give it a time and the next thing you know you’re okay already.


That losing or failing is sometimes better than winning because after all its all about the lessons you learned. Sometimes we learn more from losing than winning. And it forces us to re-examine.


Grades dont define who you are. I know that line is too clichΓ¨ but yeah as what Janina Vela said Grades are a bit thing but its not everything. 


You dont need to do those things because everyone is doing it. Don’t ever be afraid to show who you really are, because as long as you are happy with yourself, no one else’s opinion matters. Be different, break the norm and let your true you shine. 


Beauty is not important. What important is you being nice and treating other people right and with respect. And one day beauty will fade away because thats how it is and why work for something that will fade away if you can work for something that will never last and that is being nice.


Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it’s learning how to dance in the rain. Be positive, always. Because life isn’t all about happy and rainbows there will always be a lot of struggles to face along the way and it depends to you if you will dance and enjoy or just stand there and wait.


Always always always appreciate everything life offers. And appreciate anyone’s effort for you becuase you may never know how much efforts they add up for you to be happy 


If you feel alone, in doubt and feel like everything is not going to be okay always remember that there is someone up there who will always help you, you just have to trust Him.


Be an inspiration in what you do, and say. It may be a little thing but being thank because you inspire them is something really worthy to keep in your memory box.


I have to admit that sometimes i steroetype and judge others. Sometimes i fail to see others perspective in life I always stand up to my values and judge others because they dont equate my values and what I believe in when actually that should not be the case we have to start looking outside the box and try to consider other’s outlook in life and appreciate how simple life is for them. 

Those are the main things I learned this year, I hope you enjoyed and learned something from me too. 


Our identity unfolds more everyday as our experiences grow, life has a lot of unfolding to do and may you always be ready to embrace it. KEEP SLAYING! 💖;)

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It’s the time of the year again!!! The most awaited time of us β€”Josephinians, FRAP stands for Fund raising activity party. This activity was proposed by Vincent Andig an alumna of ours, hands down to you Manong. Thank you so much for proposing such fun event! 
Well basically this is our third time already to have this event. The Student org. have to propose for this event to happen every year, they put a lot of effort to make this happen hands down, feet up. *Heartsss 
We have different kinds of booths this year..

  1. Message booth 
  2. Photobooth 
  3. Im sorry I forgot im bad. Hehe

Last year we had a Your face sounds familiar contest which my friend Britny won 1st place.. Here’s a picture of her;


But this year we only had booths and disco yippeeee, due to lack of time to prepare because that was also our academic week. So the highlight of the day is the disco. (Party party!!!)

Idk why my hair is like that i’m sorry i’m weird. 😂

#OOTDMy faded blue jumper pants is from Sm dept. store while my black and gray stripe fitted shirt is from my friend Ira. To complete my outfit I wore my favorite nike shoes.

#SQUAD’SOOTDlittle trio and the master yay! ❀
So when the disco started yeah we rock the dance floor. I dont have much pictures during the disco but here’s a few with my friends. 👌💃👐

Hiiii Raaaata!!! 🐭



Even tho the disco was cut short because of some private reasons we still had fun and enjoyed. After that I dine out with my beshy β€” Trixie and her friend Sky.

And of course a big Thank you so much for our djs..

#FATBOISDJThank you so much for another memorable night. Your music as always are sooo lit. Till next time! Β© itsallboutcarrie at Ig! πŸ˜‰