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It’s the time of the year again!!! The most awaited time of us —Josephinians, FRAP stands for Fund raising activity party. This activity was proposed by Vincent Andig an alumna of ours, hands down to you Manong. Thank you so much for proposing such fun event!
Well basically this is our third time already to have this event. The Student org. have to propose for this event to happen every year, they put a lot of effort to make this happen hands down, feet up. *Heartsss
We have different kinds of booths this year..

  1. Message booth
  2. Photobooth
  3. Im sorry I forgot im bad. Hehe

Last year we had a Your face sounds familiar contest which my friend Britny won 1st place.. Here’s a picture of her;

#SLAYINGPak! 😂<<<
this year we only had booths and disco yippeeee, due to lack of time to prepare because that was also our academic week. So the highlight of the day is the disco. (Party party!!!)<<<<

#OOTDMy faded blue jumper pants is from Sm dept. store while my black and gray stripe fitted shirt is from my friend Ira. To complete my outfit I wore my favorite nike shoes.#SQUAD’SOOTDlittle trio and the master yay! ❤when the disco started yeah we rock the dance floor. I dont have much pictures during the disco but here’s a few with my friends. 👌💃👐

Hiiii Raaaata!!! 🐭 #Wasted? LITERALLY A FEW HAHAHAHAHA!!! ✌

Even tho the disco was cut short because of some private reasons we still had fun and enjoyed. After that I dine out with my beshy — Trixie and her friend Sky.

And of course a big Thank you so much for our djs..

#FATBOISDJThank you so much for another memorable night. Your music as always are sooo lit. Till next time! © itsallboutcarrie at Ig!;)


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